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I'm Karthik Puvvada, often called 'KP' by friends and my audience on the Internet.

I previously worked as a Program Director at Day One, a premier founder school backed by Gary Vee and Antler Ventures. Before that, I built a $1m+ educational program and community at On Deck that served more than 500 ambitious no-code builders & founders.

In 2020, I’ve gained accidental popularity as the “Build In Public” guy. Ever since I’ve published thousands of tweets on the topic to help founders and creators leverage this framework and build an audience on the Internet. [Full Bio is here]

KP’s column is a weekly newsletter to help founders grow their businesses through building in public, creating helpful content and building highly engaging communities. Join 7000+ founders & professionals from top startups like Webflow, Stripe, Substack and more.

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KP’s Substack is not only practically useful for anyone who’s building but is also really sincere and has 0 BS. Highly recommend subscribing if you haven’t already. — Artem Harutyunyan

“This newsletter is jam-packed with practical tips, thoughtful insights and philosophical takeaways too” — Gaia Ines Fasso

“Was blown away by how smart and generous KP is” — Marko Schmitt

“Shout out to @thisiskp_ for tactical tips and tangible action steps! Highly recommend signing up for his newsletter” — Emmett Armstrong

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The "Build In Public" Guy, no-code builder, community leader, writer, and podcast host.