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I am KP, a no-code product builder, community leader, writer, and podcast host.

I’m currently the Program Director at Day One, a founder school backed by Gary Vee where I help founders turn ideas into products and businesses. Previously, I was the Program Director of On Deck No-Code Fellowship where I helped build the program from 0 to 300 paying customers with $1m in revenue and a record-setting Net Promoter Score.

In 2020, I’ve gained accidental popularity as the “Build In Public” guy. Ever since I’ve published thousands of tweets on the topic to help founders and creators leverage this framework and build an audience on the Internet. [Full Bio is here]

KP’s column is an actionable advice column to help you get smarter on no-code, build in public and content frameworks. Join 7500+ founders & professionals from top startups like Webflow, Stripe, Substack and more.

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The "Build In Public" Guy, no-code builder, community leader, writer, and podcast host.